Our History


Founded in 1960, ELMED has been providing quality surgical tools for doctors nationwide.


In business since 1955, Elmed began by importing Siemens physical therapy equipment. Shortly thereafter Elmed began manufacturing its own equipment and in the seventies ventured into surgical instruments and electrosurgical generators. Later endoscopic instrumentation and self retaining retractor systems were included.


It was the gynecologist that pioneered laparoscopic surgery, and in conjunction with well known surgeons, Elmed Incorporated was one of the first to develop and introduce bipolar forceps and electrosurgical generator for female tubal sterilization. When general surgeons began successfully using laparoscopic instruments for gallbladder surgery, it led into wide acceptance of laparoscopic procedures in other surgical applications and produced the growth we see today.


Our Retract-Robot is a self-retaining, mechanical retractor system that has multiple applications in the operating room. Originally designed as a chest retractor for thoracic and cardiovascular procedures, we added endoscope holders and special retractors, giving it a wide application in laparoscopic procedures, especially for liver and bowel retraction in general surgery.


Being a pioneer in the industry is as true as today as it was in 1955! Elmed Incorporated is currently involved in several research projects for other companies and universities.