Clear Flush™

Elmed is proud to present the latest advancement in validated instrument technology, the patented Clear Flush® Kerrison Rongeur. Now, one of the most difficult instruments to clean is one of the easiest and cleanest!

In cleaning validation testing done by Nelson Laboratories*, 99.9998% of all infectious bioburden was removed from every Kerrison on every cycle with a simple flush. This new, unique design allows for increased steam penetration to permit 100% bacteria kill, and is “Moisture-Free” after every sterilization cycle to eliminate the risk of waterborne pathogens. The Clear Flush® design also provides improved internal lubrication ensuring a smoother action and prolonged instrument life.

The Clear Flush® design and cleaning Instructions for Use (IFUs) have been validated by Nelson Laboratories, using AAMI’s testing protocol. Please see the Nelson Summary or view the entire Nelson Laboratories cleaning validation report.

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