Welcome to our Featured Product Section.  Below you will find our most popular medical surgical instruments as well as those that are exclusive to Elmed Incorporated.  For a complete listing of our surgical supplies and instruments, please refer to our “Catalog” section on our website.  There you find the complete catalogs of our entire portfolio by specialty.


Plastic & Endoplastic Surgery

Designed and built for the Plastic Surgeon, Otolaryngologist and General Surgeon. Enhancing tissue exposure with cold fiber-optic light Featuring… Autoclavable, molded, blue silicone handle for maximum comfort and no-slip grip. Strong non corrosive stainless steel blade with polished tip for maximum light reflection. Optimum 5mmØ fiber-light carrier. Universal fiber-light cable connector (ACMI Base). Uniformly, sealed […]

ELMED manufactures a wide range of reusable trocars and sleeves that offer not only economic benefits, but also technological superiority in comparison to disposable systems. Only the highest-grade materials and superb craftsmanship are utilized in the manufacturing of our trocars and sleeves. Please click on PDF Icon for more information

ELMED LAPAROSCOPIC NEEDLE HOLDERS, our precision engineered needle holders, give the feeling of “open surgical procedure.”  They are designed with handles that minimize hand fatigue, maximize holding power and allow a natural rotation of the wrist.  ELMED LAPAROSCOPIC CLIP APPLIERS are high quality instruments for precise, true minimal noninvasive single titanium clip application. Click on the […]